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Belanger Vector Rapid Wash (B1)
The Vector is a high performance, frictionless, in-bay automatic vehicle wash system. The Vector consistently operates safely and reliably, providing the consumer with a positive, convenient experience that generates repeat business and customer referral.

The Vector's patent pending, dual robotic spray arms are truly a triumph of application engineering. Not only do the dual arms provide Vector's signature look, but they also free the unit from the slow, single inverted "L's" and the maintenance intensive ground mounted inverted U's of its less capable competitors. The dual robotic spray arm system is twice as fast and operates without any swivels. The Vector sizes each vehicle individually, both length and width, and then automatically adjusts its movements to maintain precise and constant optimum cleaning distances. The radial motion of the dual arms across the front and rear of each vehicle maintains constant orientation of the spray to the vehicle.

The Vector arms feature a patent pending break-away knuckle that is operator resettable in seconds. If forced out of sequence by customer error, the Vector will recognize the problem and auto home with the simple push of a button. Our powerful computer provides limitless owner programming flexibility. It can be seasonally programmed by its owner to market income producing special services and wash cycles, match merchandising packages with changing market demand, track money, and produce valuable management reports. Cycle speeds are also selectable and changeable during each pass to maximize cleaning and cost efficiency. It even performs complete safety checks before accepting each customer.

Simply put, the Vector is the best high pressure, touch free, in-bay automatic available today. It combines the industry's best current technology with pioneering advancements that are sure to become industry benchmarks.

You can lease the Vector for $75.00 per day. Call or e-mail us for more information.

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