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Preparation arches, rinse arches, wax arches, combination arches, low pressure, high pressure, soakers, we have them all. We have made the application of in-tunnel solutions as flexible and varied as you would like to make it. You choose an applicator style; Hydro Tube, Triple Foaming Sticks, or Aluminum Triple Arch. Then choose a nozzle configuration from a wide range of nozzle kits to achieve the desired volume and spray pattern for the job.

With an eye toward form and function, the Hydro Tube combines the use of engineered plastics with anodized aluminum to deliver an exciting solution applicator. Sleek, contemporary design eliminates typical hardware store plumbing appearance. Extruded dual manifold offers any use you need. Non-corrosive composite material offers long life and durable strength. Available in striking color combinations. Extra thick gauge manifold with anodized sealing permits safe application of any "pH" product that you like.

Our Triple Arch is the perfect choice for rinsing vehicles after triple foam. These anodized, extruded manifolds are oversized to carry enough solution to rinse away the heaviest triple foam.

Our new extruded Triple Manifold is made of anodized aluminum and is designed to be versatile enough to spray any water and chemical solution, from foam pre-soak, foam soap, or foam wax, to spot-free rinse or drying wax.

The Hydro Tube Arch is flexible. Pick your own color scheme to enhance your image package. Place it anywhere you need it in the tunnel: entrance, middle or exit. Then choose the appropriate nozzle kits for the job. It can be any arch you want it to be.

The Triple Arch is today's perfect rinsing and waxing arch to take care of heavy triple foam.

The triple manifold is engineered to generate a thick, rich tri-color foam that covers the entire vehicle and produces gleaming shine results using only 9 ml of each wash solution product per car.

The Belanger Triple Foaming Sticks combine colored plastic tubes, anodized aluminum Triple Manifolds and fluffy, colored streams of foam to deliver a revenue generating product for you and your customers.

Nozzle kits feature 1/4" nozzles fitted into a quick disconnect adapter housing for easy cleaning. Water and chemical stingy check valves prevent waste and allow fluid to turn on and off instantaneously.

Nozzle KitVolume
Flooder: Brass Flood Jet Style48 gpm @ 40 psi (182 lpm @ 2.7 bars)
Soap Fan Spray3 gpm @ 40 psi (11 lpm @ 2.7 bars
Pre-Soak: V-Jet Style6 gpm @ 40 psi (23 lpm @ 2.7 bars)
Rinse: V-Jet Style12 gpm @ 40 psi (46 lpm @ 2.7 bars)
Spot Free: V-Jet Style6 gpm @ 40 psi (23 lpm @ 2.7 bars)
Wet Down: V-Jet Style6 gpm @ 40 psi (23 lpm @ 2.7 bars)
Wax: V-Jet Style9.6 gpm @ 40 psi (36 lpm @ 2.7 bars)

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