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Gyro Wrap (B8)
The Gyro Wrap is perhaps the most simple, high performance wrap that the car wash industry has ever experienced. Belanger's research and design team borrowed the self centering characteristics of a "favorite childhood toy," the spinning top - SIMPLE, and mixed it with a basic trajectory control principle from "rocket science," the gyroscope - HIGH PERFORMANCE, to create the Gyro Head, a compressed socket joint that operates as a gyrostabilizer.

Simple because the socket joint is maintenance free and requires no adjustment after set-up. High performance because the gyrostabilizer positions the wheel for optimal cleaning, firmly hugging the contour of vehicles as it washes the front, sides and rear of each vehicle.

The full motion of the Gyro Head, in combination with the clutching upper wheel section and air over oil dampening control, is soft and forgiving where it needs to be, like mirrors and antennas, while it is firm and thorough in the tough cleaning areas like the rocker panels and front and rear bumpers.

The Gyro Wrap. Belanter's new cleaning workhorse that's raising the bar for the rest of the industry.

  • The Gyro Wrap only needs 10 feet of tunnel space

  • Omni directional, maintenance-free socket joint

  • Single piece, cadmium plated, stress proof steel 1-1/2" shaft

  • Waves and Fins with clutching upper wheel section

  • Pneumatic wrap retract

  • Maximum cleaning up to 90 cars/hour

  • Adjustable air over oil controls for arm extend and retract pressure

  • Arm pivot points engineered for maximum front and rear cleaning

  • Easily access utility feed from either side of the frame

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