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The Wave Low Side Washer cleans wheels, lower rocker panels and sides up to the windows. It features a simple self-positioning tension system and a clamp on arm for height adjustment. Also includes Waves and Fins, high grade aluminum framework and a utility hook up bulkhead.

The Wave 2x2 is a cleaning powerhouse even at the highest line speeds. It uses two counter rotating wheels per side and an air over oil locking system to ensure optimum cleaning penetration to wash from windows to rocker panels to tires and rims. It utilizes clamp on arms so operators can adjust the cleaning height of the wheels. Also features Waves and Fins and aircraft grade aluminum framework.

The height adjusting arm clamp is a Flexible Standard feature on the Wave Low Side Washer and the Wave 2x2 so operators can find the best cleaning position in their tunnel.

The Wave Full Side Washer has excellent cleaning coverage for Vans, Trucks, and Sport Utilities from the side windows all the way down through the lower rocker panels and wheels. Combined shock and cylinder controls provide smooth operation and selectability for use on specific vehicles.

The Wave Wrap is the next generation of our industry famous follower Wrap Around. The Wave Wrap gives operators the ability to clean the front, sides and rear of every car, even at the highest line speed. The independent head travels up and down the pivoting boom for superior rear cleaning at any line speed. The Wave Wrap sports features like an imipact resistant flexible motor mount, Waves and Fins with a clutching upper wheel section, and adjustable air over oil pressure controls that make the Wave Wrap a second to none cleaning machine.

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