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Belanger's Wave Mitters are a new generation of overhead mitter curtains that were over two years in the making. Wave Mitters are a case study of engineering, prototyping and beta testing simplicity. In the spirit of Flexible Standards, we incorporated the sound principles of our original machines, like front to back and side to side motion with energetic cloth washing action, rugged construction, and low maintenance, into our three new Wave Mitters. Then we added some fresh ideas and enhancements.

We drastically reduced the number of moving parts and designed common wear parts that are interchangeable between each Wave Mitter. There are no adjustments or preventative maintenance required.

We improved the cleaning action. Wave Mitters simply clean better than traditional equipment. They reduce windshield shadows and eliminate center stripes. Plastic Mitter Waves securely hold cloth Mitter Fins parallel to the direction of swing during movement to produce a 90-degree Pivot-Snap cleaning action.

We've mixed a lot of color into the form and function of the Wave Mitters design. The result is that Wave Mitters are attractive. Customers love the simple, smooth lines and vivid color combinations. And it's simple for operators to drastically change the look of their car wash by quickly shuffling multiple colors of plastic Waves and cloth Fins within their Wave Equipment Line to create a totally new image. Operators can choose any combination of colors: plastic Mitter Waves come in cyan blue, deep red, lemon yellow and silver. Cloth curtains are offered in red, blue, green and black.

The Twin Wave Mitter is a compact and powerful cleaning front to back mitter curtain. It features two banks of front to back mitter Waves each holding 12 pieces of cloth, requires zero maintenance and includes our Waves and Fins cloth cleaning system. Its small footprint allows operators to add cleaning power and some extra marketing appeal in less than 6 feet of tunnel space.

The Quad Wave Mitter uses innovative space saving features to pack a full size front to back mitter curtain in a small amount of space. The Quad Wave Mitter only needs seven feet of tunnel space. It features four full racks on front to back Mitter Waves each holding 12 pieces of cloth to deliver cleaner vehicles than ever before. It offers standard features like an aircraft grade aluminum single arch frame, adjustable height for low ceiling clearance, and the vibrant colors offered by Waves and Fins.

The Wave Across side to side mitter curtain is an exceptional cleaning and polsihing mitter. The high powered cleaning action of the Wave Across makes cloth tips dance across the surface of vehicles as it gently wipes away dirt or as it polishes and shines the finish. It features six banks of Mitter Waves each holding 6 pieces of cloth for maximum cleaning punch and it only requires seven feet of tunnel space. The Wave Across incorporates all of the Flexible Standards built into each Wave Mitter.

  • No maintenance

  • Minimal moving parts

  • Interchangeable wear parts

  • Direct drive motor and gearbox deaign

  • 90" Vehicle clearance

  • Ceiling clearance below 11'

  • Adjustable height for low ceilings

  • Vibrant color image choices

  • Quick and easy cloth loading and unloading

  • 4" x 6" Honeycomb single arch aluminum framework

  • 90-degree Cloth pivot snap cleaning action

  • Operates quieter on cloth edges

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