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Hydro Mitter Hybrid (B12)
The Hydro Mitter Hybrid maintains all the benefits of our Hydro Mitter, but adds the superior cleaning action of Belanger cloth. Both the high pressure and the cloth sides of the equipment work off the same, common drive mechanism. A bank of three racks feature the revolutionary Waves & Fins Cloth Cleaning System. This system uses alternating action, full strokes of the wave racks to provide a unique "SNAP" cleaning action that results in consistently cleaner cars.

Like the Hydro Mitter, this unique piece of equipment uses minimal tunnel space and is easily adjustable for any tunnel height. And like all Belanger equipment, interchangeable long life wear parts further increase its desirability.

The wheel cleaning kit shown consists of 6 rotating nozzles that produce a highly effective conical spray pattern. The Wheel Kit shares the same drive mechanism with the upper assemblies of the Hydro Mitter and the Hydro Mitter Hybrid, but translates the side to side motion of the upper assembly into an up and down motion that focuses high pressure spray onto the wheels, wheel wells and rocker panels. Optional Wheel Kits are installed at the factory as part of the original equipment and are available in single or double (shown) configurations.

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