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Fleet Class - Wave Car Wash Systems (B20)
The BWS Fleet Class systems were designed to withstand heavy volumes of cars driven through the car wash by anxious porters in short bursts of time leaving little time for maintenance. The Fleet Class Insta-Kleen overcomes these tough conditions with a very simple, rugged machine designed specifically for continuous high performance. Airstream Dryer is available. The Insta-Kleen Wash module features Belanger's exclusive SMART-SYSTEM. This is an intelligent, real-time car wash system that automatically adjusts for each vehicle, turning on and off only when a vehicle is detected as it goes through the wash. This makes the wash extremely efficient since equipment runs only as long as required.

Recommended Bay Size: 35' long x 16' wide x 14' high (10.7m long x 5m wide x 4.25m high)
Equipment Ceiling Clearance: 11' (3.35m)
Vehicle Clearance: 90" (2.28m)

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