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Belanger has been designing and manufacturing high performance support equipment for more than a decade. From the AFIS (Automatic Fluid Injection System) to Neon Stiks to Wind Doors, every Belanger component is designed to exceed the functional and aesthetic expectations of the operator. Constructed from the latest, most functional materials, each component is jammed with innovative, operational features that help you increase revenue/profitability and simplify your operation.

The Automatic Wind Door reduces expensive heating bills keeping the heat inside the building. We manufacture using large, non-corrosive UHMW rollers that move along a large diameter aluminum tube; aluminum frame construction; greaseless bearings; simple pneumatic operation; and corrosion resistant cylinders.

The dual gun Prep Jet system features a CAT 560 series pump. The CAT pump has long been proven in car wash applications to be a durable, long lasting pump. The pump is well suited for the abusive nature of the tunnel type prep gun application and can handle the demands of the full service car wash. The CAT pump supplies 8 gpm @ 1000 psi, to two prep gun wands. The Prep Jet system utilizes a direct drive pump with an elastomeric type coupler. This rubber coupler drives the pump while acting as a shock absorber between the pump and motor. The control system for the Prep Jet features a wall mounted on/off switch with a timer that can be set by the operator for 0-5 minutes.

Belanger supplies only premium water, hydraulic and pneumatic valves whose names are synonymous with quality like ASCO, MAC, Norgren, Racine and Bosch.

For optimal tire and wheel cleaning, the universal Chemical Tire Applicator/Wheel Bright Applicator is designed to apply a chemical solution to either the white wall area of the tire or the wheel itself depending upon which nozzle is utilized (both sets of nozzles are included). Single stainless steel treadle activates solution application.

The AFIS is a high quality fluid injection system designed to provide accurate chemical control. The unit includes an aluminum frame, precision chemical pump, fluid solenoid, chemical hose with filter and all interconnecting fittings.

The original Neon Stiks design allows for flexible placement anywhere in the tunnel. The "stik" is available in 5 colors - green, purple, red, yellow and blue - with optional lettering. Custom lettering is also available.

The Jet Pumping Station creates the high pressure water power necessary to operate high pressure equipment. Unique to its design are isolated floor, pump and motor platform mounts which decrease noise and minimize vibration. Top-of-the-line H-series Wanner pump (capable of operating with recycled water) is driven by a 15hp TEFC motor. Stainless steel belt guard and rugged 2" x 2" steel frame, protected with a baked enamel coating, house the operating components. Typically used to supply Hydro Tubes, single arches, and other high pressure equipment.

Constructed from durable heavy gauge plastic, the premium sign enclosure delivers rust free performance. The sign face is made using long lasting acrylic with vivid silk screen lettering. Back lit to highlight color contrasts, the premium sign can be wall mounted or floor mounted using an optional 34" post. A flasher unit is also available.

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