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Fresh'N Up Model #500000 (SSV1)
The "Double Hitter" Money Machine
A winning combination of fragrance and vacuum service substantially increases your island service revenues. Its eye-catching design and unique vending capability simply encourages more business.

Incredible Merchandising Power
Dazzling graphics, illuminated dome, and powerful, lighted, visual display grabs attention drawing customers day and night. Plus, the LED animated message display can be easily programmed to display a custom "Welcome" or point-of-sale message, i.e., "A Clean Car Should Smell Fresh!" Just think of the many possibilities this offers!

Fragrances Formulated For Your Customers
Fresh'N Up customers can choose from three fragrances during the service cycle. We will help you select the right mix of Fresh'N Up fragrances for your market. Our fragrances are carefully formulated to deliver long-lasting results without being overpowering. What a great way to build customer loyalty by offering them an exceptional auto detailing service combination.

The "Intelligent" Dual Display Timer
"Exclusive" with Fresh'N Up. Lets customers use both services during one cycle and automatically tracks elapsed time for each service. The LED display shows the time remaining for the vend cycle. Extra time audio tone signals the cycle end and scrolling message invites purchase of more time on a "per coin" basis. The timer unit will store data (with input connection), plus it has I/O ports for downloading sales data to your business computer system. It even has a tamper alarm.

High Performance - Low Maintenance
All our products are engineered for optimum cleaning power, years of trouble-free performance, and low maintenance. Two high performance "quiet" motors are standard equipment and provide exceptional cleaning power. A third motor is available as an option. The industry's most efficient filter system ensures peak airflow and cuts maintenance saving you money. All four filter bags are conveniently accessed for easy removal and cleaning.

Total Protection
12 gauge vault with internal lock and layered security. Convertible to in-ground vault systems. The timer has built-in tamper-activated alarm and can be easily connected to your premises alarm.

Vacuum Specifications:
  • 7 Amp Motors - Two Lamb electric, ultra-quiet ACUSTEK series, 1 HP (max.) each, bypass cooled.

  • Filters - Four bag systems use high performance, napped synthetic filtration media with 15 sq. ft. effective filtration area. Two easy-access service doors.

  • Air Flow - 150 cu. ft/min. (max flow), 84" water lift (maximum suction).

  • 2" Diameter Hose - High flex vinyl, crushable, 15 ft. long. Includes cuff and polyethylene hand tool.
Fragrance Specifications:
  • Three Column Bubbling Visual Display - Intriguing visual effect merchandises fragrance service. Low evaporation design cuts service costs.

  • Maintenance-Free Compressor - 3.4 amp. heavy duty rated. Keeps y our maintenance costs low.

  • Safe, Secure Delivery - Fragrance delivery hose is steel braided to protect against cutting. Application gun has switch-controlled delivery.
General Specifications:
  • Coin Mechanism - Electronic type, metal construction accepts up to 1 inch diameter coins per sample.

  • "Intelligent" Display and Dual Timer - Our "exclusive dual timer individually controls each service during one cycle for vend price and time from 2 seconds to 8.5 minutes per coin. LED display shows vend price for each service and is synchronized with the vend selector switch. Accumulates 1 to 15 coins and displays the balance required to start cycle. LED display defaults to a custom message when Fresh'N Up is not in use. Toggle switches actuate real time recalculation of cycle time remaining. Timer sounds an audible signal at completion of cycle and scrolls an invitation to purchase more time on a "per coin" basis. If no further service is used, the display scrolls a custom "Thank You" message before resetting to the default "Welcome" message. A built-in tamper-activated alarm can be connected to premises alarm system. Eight port data acquisition and storage with I/O port for download. Solid-state type controller with high capacity output switch. Overload protection isolates loads and transients from control circuits.

  • 304 Grade Stainless Steel Tank and Vault - Tank: 16 gauge, brushed finish, size 18.5" (Diameter) x 48" (High). Main Cabinet Enclosure: 16 gauge, brushed finish. Main Cabinet Service Door: 12 gauge brushed finish with three high security cylinder locks. Coin Vault: 12 gauge stainless steel with internal lock and layered security cover.

  • Electrical - 120 VAC, 30 Amp. Easy service access.

  • Secure Mounting - Two internal mounting lugs for secure installation. External lugs (2) have security collars. Uses 3/8" bolts.

  • Unit Dimensions - 61" (High) x 22" (Wide) x 27" (Deep)

  • Tank Dimensions - 18.5" (Diameter) x 48" (High)

  • Unit Weight - Net 235 lbs., with shipper = 260 lbs. Ships in carton/pallet: 67" (High) x 32" (Wide) x 31" (Deep). Add 36 lbs. for 4-pack chemical shipment when included.

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