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POWER-VAC Drawer Style Coin Box Type (SSV3)
Standard Product Features:
  • Two Heavy Duty Motors
    Deliver maximum cleaning power and reliable performance.

  • High Capacity Filter System
    Reduces maintenance intervals, saves you money

  • Perform Routine Filter Changes And Maintenance Quickly
    Reduces operating costs and labor.

  • Large Bore Hose With Anti-Clog Inlet Design
    Keeps your vacuums running profitably.

  • Superior Quality Timers
    Sure-start, accurate, fully adjustable to maximize your profits.

  • High Security Coin Vault
    Designed to protect your profits.

  • Individual Keys And Coin Baffle
    Keep your profits secure during routine maintenance.

  • Merchandising Power
    Eye-catching graphics promote usage, easy-to-follow instructions ensure customer satisfaction. Optional color coordinated domes and labels draw even more attention to your vacuum service.
Product Specifications (standard equipment):
  • Airflow - 150 net cu. ft./min., 84" suction lift.

  • Motors - Two Lamb Electric, 1 HP (max>0 each, by-pass cooled, 7 amps each.

  • Filters - Four bag system uses high performance napped synthetic filtration material, 15 sq. ft. effective filtration area, and easy access filter service door.

  • Coin mechanism - Mechanical type, all metal construction, accepts U.S. quarters.

  • Variable Electronic Timer - Direct, switch-type, high capacity output, accumulates 1 to 15 coins, controls cycle time from 2 seconds to 8.5 minutes per coin.

  • 2" Diameter Hose - High flex plastic, crushable, 15' long, includes cuff and polyethylene hand tool.

  • 304 Grade Stainless Steel Tank - 18 gauge, brushed finish, size: 42" (H) x 18.5" (D).

  • 304 Grade Stainless Steel Vault - 12 gauge, with welded stainless steel vault coin drop tube fitting (1-1/2" NPT thread).

  • Electrical: 120 VAC, 20 AMP - Integral connection cover, removable for easy access and installation.

  • Mounting - Three mounting lugs for 1/2" bolts (concealed front bolt).

  • Dimensions - Unit: 52" (H) x 20" (W) x 25" (D). With shipper: 58" (H) x 25.5" (W) x 28" (D).

  • Tank Dimension - 18.5" (O.D.) x 42" (H).

  • Stainless Steel Dome Dimensions - 20" (O.D.) x 10.5" (H).

  • Polyethylene Dome Dimensions - 21.5" (O.D.) x 12" (H).

  • Unit Weight - Net 105 lbs., with shipper = 136 lbs.
Optional Equipment:
  • Acceptor Options: The widest variety of mechanical and electronic coin and token acceptors including units for U.S. and foreign coins, token acceptors, dual units for coin and token operations and combination acceptor and timer units.

  • Counter Options: Mechanical and electronic counters are available for auditing coins inserted or cycles used for internal security or preventive maintenance scheduling.

  • Graphics/Merchandising Options: Lighted poly domes in six colors with matching product graphics and available color-keyed vacuum hose create an eye catching image that boosts your business.

  • Finish Options: Dazzling mirror finish is a customer attraction feature that's virtually maintenance free.

  • Hose Options: The POWER-VAC line includes a wide range of hose choices including 1-1/2" or 2" diameter available in any length up to fifty feet! And the only tapered hose available... provides exceptional ease of use and the clog-free, high flow power of larger bore hose.

  • Security Options: Many security upgrades are available including latch covers for service doors, vault lock options and security bars. Special units are available for use with in-ground vaults or lock boxes/bags for operations with employee collections.

  • Motor and Power Options: POWER-VAC is available for use on domestic (120 VAC) or 240 (56/60hz) VAC power. Three motors are available for premium power, "Super Vac" marketing, or high altitude locations. Power Booster option, a unique two/three motor customer operated switch premium service (high suction) as needed.

  • Timer Options: Electronic timer options include units for operation with 240 VAC, 50 or 60 hz power. Various timers offer coin or cycle counting, "Last Coin Alert" signaling, "Extra-Time" service and "Count-Down" display of time remaining. Additional services such as shampoo service, tire inflation, and fragrance dispensing can be controlled at different price and cycle times with the dual-time IDX-422 optional timer.

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