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  • Spot Free - Showroom Shine

  • Safe to the Environment

  • Save Money

  • Save Time

  • Increase Sales

  • Improve Customer Satisfaction

Every dealer fights the same battle of making sure every vehicle shown to the customer has a showroom shine. New vehicles, used vehicles or in-service vehicles all should shine when the customer sees the automobile.

This has meant hiring employees or an outside service to wash the vehicle...with a bucket, hose and chamois. This method is costly, produces a low quality and inconsistent wash, is a potential environmental problem and doesn't solve or prevent the negative impact of acid rain on the vehicle finish.

Man cannot get the job done...without a machine.

Pur-Clean is that machine. With Pur-Clean you can reduce your costs...improve the quality and consistency of the cleaning...comply with environmental regulations...prevent the negative impact of acid rain...and increase vehicle sales. Pur-Clean systems are easy-to-use and clean your vehicles with spot-free water for just pennies a day...reducing your per vehicle cost by up to 80%.

New and Used Vehicle Prep
From the moment your vehicles arrive at your dealership, the Pur-Clean system will assist your vehicle prep department in making your vehicles showroom ready for display on your lot. The in-bay P.C. 1500 E pressure washer complete with R.O. is perfect for the large dealer.

Inventory Maintenance
With Pur-Clean's portable inventory maintenance system we bring the wash bay to your vehicles saving you expensive man hours as well as eliminating the need of moving your inventory. Pur-Clean has a complete line of spot-free mobile wash systems that produce great results, are easy to use, built to last and can wash up to 50 vehicles per hour. Pur-Clean has the portable inventory washing system to meet your specific needs.

Service After the Sale
The P.C. 1500 BP is the complete wash system every dealer should have to enhance customer service. A complimentary spot-free wash with the Pur-Clean system is the best visual form of appreciation your dealership can offer the customer. The 1500 BP is a turnkey system that includes portable equipment, in-bay equipment and can produce up to 2000 gallons of spot-free water a day.

Improve the Quality of Your Automatic Car Wash
Washing vehicles with an automatic car wash is a great way to wash cars...but after only a few minutes, water spots will likely appear unless you have the Pur-Clean Wall Mount System. This R.O. system is a great alternative for the dealer or car wash operator with limited space. The Pur-Clean WM can produce 1,000 to 10,000 gallons of pure water a day depending upon your volume requirements and needs no water softener in most locations.

The Complete Washing System
Regardless what your washing needs are, all your inventory and customer service vehicles can be cleaned with a Pur-Clean System. Our systems are designed to wash the vehicle with nothing but pure spot-free water. No need for towel drying...no streaks, no scratches...just showroom shine. Pur-Clean systems are built to last and use only quality components and are backed by a one-year limited warranty. With Pur-Clean you get the most efficient and cost effective method to wash your vehicles...call us today.

Dealers Agree...
"Our Pur-Clean Spot-Free System is everything our Pur-Clean representative told us we could expect. Our vehicles look great, it's quick and easy-to-use and has saved us time and money." -- Todd Braun, Braun Chrysler Plymouth, Winamac, Indiana

"Here at River City R.V., we have three Pur-Clean Reverse Osmosis Systems and four truck mounts. The equipment has always worked well. The after sale service has been excellent." -- Lynn Godfrey, River City R.V., Medford & Grants Pass, Oregon

"Clean cars sell! The Pur-Clean Spot-Free System allows me to maintain a consistently clean inventory in a very cost effective manner." -- Bill McNulty, Sutherlin Toyota, Pinellas Park, Florida

"Before I purchased my Pur-Clean Spot-Free System I had four men washing my inventory and it took them four hours to complete the job. Then I bought a Pur-Clean System. I now have one man to clean my entire inventory in just one and a half hours and my cars look great!" -- Doug Worl, Citizen Chevrolet, Woodland, California

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