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Turbo Spray (SP2)
Turbo Spray High Pressure or Low Pressure can be purchased separately to fill a variety of car wash functions.
  • low pressure and high pressure units on stainless steel frames (combo frame 1-6 bays)

  • complete system from 1 to 8 bays

  • adding high pressure or low pressure functions to tunnels or self service car wash

  • renovating an existing wash

  • allows you to update high pressure and/or low pressure in your self-service car wash

  • space saving solution for small equipment spaces

  • offering extra services to your customers and increasing your revenues

High Pressure Pumping Unit - Soap - Wax - Rinse - permits the placing of 8 bays of Hi-Pressure Equipment in the smallest space.
Low Pressure Pumping Unit - Pre-Soak - Foamy Brush - Foamy Tire Cleaner - can be added to an existing High Pressure Pump Unit to offer extra service to customers and increase revenue.
  • Heavy-Duty Stainless Steel Frame

  • Pre-Wired Control Panel, Stainless Steel Enclosure

  • Removable Pump Motor Assembly

  • Stainless Steel Holding Tanks

  • Triplex Plunger Pumps - Industrially Rated 3 HP, 3 Phase continuous duty rating
  • Heavy-Duty Stainless Steel Frame

  • Stainless Steel Holding Tanks

  • Complete Stainless Steel Distribution Manifold

  • Complete with Air Diaphragm Pumps for Tire Cleaner and Foaming Brush

  • Centrifugal Pump with 1-1/2 HP for circulating Pre-Soak
  • Solenoid Assembly Modules - for easy hook up.

  • Bay Signs - Multi-Graphic "Menu Instruction" sign, "Squeeze Trigger Gun & Injection Hazard" signs. Silk-screened on aluminum and Lexan laminated. All signs come with fasteners.

  • Bay Boom - Stainless Steel - 360 degree ceiling mount.

  • Squeeze Trigger Weep Gun - Insulated barrel-stainless steel 5-40 degree nozzle - nozzle protector - swivel and 11 feet of bay hose for each trigger gun.

  • Hose and Accessories - All required standard length bay hoses.

  • M9810 Coin Meter - Stainless Steel single electronic coin acceptor and digital countdown timer.
  • Bay Signs - Caution; Pre-Soak and Brush-Off silk screened on aluminum and Lexan laminated.

  • Foam Brush Boom and Wand Assembly - Wall Mount stainless steel 180 degree boom - hose and foam brush wand assembly with swivel type handle.

  • Hoses and Accessories - Standard length bay hoses, foam generator, clamps and fittings included.
  • Motor - 3 HP, 3 Phase, 208-230 VAC (3 HP, 1 Phase is optional). Customers must furnish the exact voltage and phase at the time unit is ordered.

  • Pump - Giant P56W, 2,100 PSI Rated operating at 1200 PSI, 3 GPM Standard.

  • Electrical - Built in main connection - Buss Bar and Disconnects included with Motor Starter.

  • Water Line - 3/4" Hot water feed to rinse tank. 1/2" hose bib connections from hot soft water to each solution tank.

  • Overall Dimensions - 1 to 4 bay Combo unit: 67.5" x 34"; 5 to 6 bay Combo unit: 89.5" x 34"; 7 to 8 bay Combo Unit: Call factory.
  • Electrical - Two 15 AMP, 1 Phase 230 VAC circuit: Heater, Tire Cleaner, Foaming Brush, Pre-Soak Pumps, and Regulators included.

  • Water Line - 1/2" hose bib connections from hot soft water to each solution tank.

  • Overall Dimensions - 33" x 34"

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