Deticated to quality for over 30 years

Over 86% of car wash operators depends on CAT PUMPS quality. CAT PUMPS are chosen by more car wash operators than all other brands combined!

CAT PUMPS was a pioneer in the car wash industry and has been the  leading pump supplier for over 30 years. In 1968 our original triplex piston pump provided a dramatic improvement in service life. This new level of dependability and performance fueled the fire in a market that has seen tremendous growth since then.

Why Would You Pay More for a CATPUMP?

The answer is simple.  It will cost you far less to invest in a CAT PUMP. Your primary concerns for your car wash are profitability and return on your investment. There are many pumps available today that have similar ratings to CAT PUMPS that sell for less. This sounds good when you first pay out the dollars for your new pump, but this low price soon turns into high costs when the pump goes down and you can’t wash cars. At CAT PUMPS, we could cut corners and reduce pump costs like other pump manufacturers, but we believe in producing only the highest quality, longest lasting pump possible.

CAT PUMPS are ISO9001 certified. The  special materials and spring reinforced, lipped seal design offer longer life and performance. They eliminate lopsided wear. The extra steps to assure our  plungers are concentric and specially surface polished further add to the life of the seals and assure the same performance is attained each time servicing is done. No diminished performance. These extras cost a little more, but translate into less servicing costs, less downtime, and a greater return on your investment. When you consider the initial cost along with the cost of maintenance, you will quickly see that  CAT PUMPS offer the best value.

Nine Reasons Why Car Washes Use the Pump with Nine Lives

  1. Because CAT PUMPS last longer!
  2. Because CAT PUMPS specially formulated Hi-Pressure Seals offer unmatched performance life!
  3. Because CAT PUMPS 100% concentric ceramic plungers outperform all others!
  4. Because CAT PUMPS high strength drive-ends run 3-4 times longer than any other!
  5. Because CAT PUMPS run as true after service as when they were new!
  6. Because CAT PUMPS have a proven performance record in the most rigorous applications!
  7. Because CAT PUMPS quality construction offers the highest level of user confidence!
  8. Because CAT PUMPS have the largest distribution network providing immediate inventory and technical assistance!
  9. Because CAT PUMPS dependability and high energy efficiency offer the best value!

Lifetime Manifold Warranty

The new 5CP W770 manifold carries a Lifetime Manifold Warranty against freezing and wash out. The 5CP plunger pumps also feature a new crankcase design, press-in style seal cases for easier servicing and the same time-proven Model 310 interchangeable valves, specially formulated seals and concentric, solid ceramic plungers.

Belt Drive — Belt drive is the oldest and most flexible. The pulleys can be sized to provide the desired RPM required for the flow of the system. Belts provide a vibration cushion.

Direct Drive —  Special hollow shafted motors offer direct drive convenience and compact installations. Direct drive eliminates pulley and belt selection and periodic adjustment. The hardened shafts, key with set screw and special mounting flange offer much improved performance over earlier designs.

Flexible Coupling-Bell Housing Drive — When using a standard motor, special 1725 RPM CAT PUMP models can be direct mounted with the use of a bell housing for alignment and flexible coupling for joining the pump and motor shaft. Special high temp, high RPM spyders offer a cushion during the repeated on/off operation to protect the system.

Clutch Drive —  Clutch drives take advantage of the belt drive concept, but have the added feature of disengaging the motor when the pump is not in use. This is ideal for intermittent use applications