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Check Out Our Lighthouse Carwash !

Lighthouse Carwash (LH) A glass car wash that beams light out and invites customers in.

a car wash that sells itself.
a car wash that invites people driving by to come in for a wash.
a car wash that produces record setting car wash, gas  and C-store sales.
a complete, turnkey car wash that’s open in days, not months.
a car wash that builds your bottom line.

The Clear Benefits
For Your Customers

  • Safe – They can see out, others can see in. In fact, customers are so comfortable in a Lighthouse Carwash, that our existing locations see a significant amount of nighttime car wash business.
  • Comfortable
  •  – Well lit, no feeling of claustrophobia.
  • Fun
  •  – Getting a car wash becomes a great experience – kids love it!
  • Effective
  •  – Of course – we spec only Autec soft cloth car wash equipment.

For Your Business

  • Sells Itself – A new level of curb appeal! Inviting customers at all times, day and night.
  • Drives Traffic
  •  – Lighthouse Carwashes do more than drive strong car wash sales – our existing locations have seen immediate and sustained increases in gas sales and C-store sales.
  • Drives Profits
  •  – In addition to increased sales, Lighthouse Carwashes can command higher car wash prices, all at minimal hassle to you.
  • Easy to Install
  •  – With its patented design, installation can be a matter of days.
  • Easy to Own
  •  – Easy to clean, low maintenance, and without attendants.

Your Lighthouse Carwash

Start with these basic choices, then customize your Lighthouse Carwash to fit your unique business.

Building Sizes

Five different standard building sizes to accommodate your needs. Custom sizes, including double-wide for twin Autec Automatics are available.

S izeNumber of lights

65′ x 20’1457′ x 20’1249′ x 20’1041′ x 20’833′ x 20’6
High-Intensity Lights
Our custom 400-watt, metal halide, high-intensity lights add uplighting to make your building a Lighthouse Carwash. They draw customers and make them feel safe washing at night.

Building Color
All Lighthouse Carwash buildings are constructed of powder coated aluminum in your choice of over 80 different colors. Custom colors are also available.

The standard sidewall is 11′ high. It consists of a polycarbonate knee-wall under a section of thermopane glass and topped with a polycarbonate transom.

Kneewall Upgrades
Customize your carwash both inside and out by upgrading the kneewall. Choose brick, blok, stucco, split-faced, or other composite material panels for the exterior. All kneewall upgrades include polycarbonate interior panels. Custom coloring available.

Retractable Roof Panels
Allows selected roof panels to be retracted in warm months. Increases air flow to aid in cooling. Enhances open air feeling for your customers.

Equipment Rooms
An attractive way to house carwash support equipment. Your choice of interior or exterior rooms with many material and construction options. Exterior equipment rooms offer the maximum flexibility for room placement. Interior equipment rooms provide maximum space efficiency and are a perfect solution to tight lot restrictions.

Exterior Passageway Doors
Heavy duty aluminum doors provide additional access to building. Effective safety measure for customrs that also helps meet local building code requirements.

Gable Awnings and Overhangs
Adding a two foot gable projection offers an attractive way to finish the look of the building. Both options are constructed of matching powder coated aluminum and polycarbonate. The gable awnings are perfect for backlit signage or accent lighting.

Powder coated aluminum chaseway provides an attractive conduit to house supply lines such as gas, electricity and water.

Vacuum Islands
Our vacuum island is a powder coated aluminum frame with side panels to match your kneewall upgrade. Islands provide a beautiful and efficient way of mounting vacuum and vending items.

Lighthouse Carwash & Autec…
Your Partners for Clear Performance
Lighthouse Carwashes are available only with Autec Soft Cloth Car Wash equipment – our endorsement that Autec equipment is the best.